the quality base
Majors Demi Glace Powder gives you all the quality and aroma of a kitchen made product. Made especially for the professional chef, it’s superb for making delicious sauces and gravies.
fantastic flavour profile
The smooth rich brown sauce for all your recipes
ticks all the boxes
Superb building block for making delicious sauces and gravies
Delivers rich, smooth flavour, deep colour and superb sheen
Suitable for vegetarians
No artificial additives or preservatives
Foil packed sachets for freshness
premium yield
Up to 27.5 litres per case (once diluted) (C/S = 2.5 kg) (5 x 500g)
simple to use
To make ½ litre of Demi Glace blend 50g of Demi Glace Powder into 500ml of cold or warm water and bring to the boil, stirring constantly. Simmer for a further 5 minutes. Use as required.