create the perfect sauce
Intensify the flavour of your dishes by adding directly to sauces creating the perfect signature dish.
the key to all good recipes
Glace Concentrates
ticks all the boxes
Spoon directly into sauces, meat juices or reductions
Use as a glaze or thicken to make a jus
Gluten free
Can be mixed directly into oils and creams to make an array of dressings and fresh dips
premium yield
Up to 20 litres per 500g (once diluted)
simple to use
Recommended use: Stir 1 heaped teaspoon into 0.5 litres of cream to intensify the flavour, making the perfect cream reduction sauce.
Major Beef Glace has a viscosity and is just perfect for drizzling over meat, fish or vegetables. 
Major Shellfish Glace brings out the taste and aroma of the sea with notes of fresh shellfish.