big fruity tastes quick 'n' easy does it!
The simple way of adding extra fruitiness and depth of flavour to your savouries and desserts. You no longer need to rely on your chosen fruit being in season, your dishes will taste amazing all year round and it will save you money and valuable time.
the intense burst of natural fruit, whatever the season!
Fruit Base Concentrates
Available in 5 fruity flavours.
ticks all the boxes
Gluten free
Suitable for vegetarians
No reliance on seasonal availability
Fantastic flavour in less than a minute
Versatile in application
No artificial additives, colours or preservatives
premium yield
Add 50g (depending on taste) to 1ltr/1kg of sweet savoury filling.
simple to use
Simply add the fruit base and fold into any sweet or savoury sauces or fillings. Also use neat to decorate the plate for an intense burst of flavour.