A touch of class

With the launch of three fantastic product ranges, Major have certainly excelled themselves once again in terms of their first class flavour profiles, design execution and vast product knowledge.
With a current portfolio offering a range of stocks, sauces, gravies, marinades, broths, demi glace, jus’, sauces, liquid seasonings, and fruit bases, Major have now introduced a new classically balanced Veal Jus to their growing armour.
“We wanted to expand in terms of our flavour offering and the response from existing and new customers has been absolutely overwhelming.  We listened to find out exactly what our customer (chefs) wanted and I believe we’ve most certainly delivered.  In my opinion, the Veal Jus is the best product we have launched since I started Major 25 years ago” comments David Bryant, Managing Director of Major International.
The very talented New Product Development (NPD) team at Major worked hard to devise this magnificent jus, which is fast evolving as the key ingredient for your signature dish.  Yielding up to 10 litres per kilogram once diluted, this Gluten Free classically balanced product has the performance of an authentic kitchen made jus with a mirror like sheen, smooth texture and superb flavour delivery.
With simplicity and ease of use in mind, the finished jus can be created in just a few simple steps: Whisk the jus into cold or warm water, slowly bring to the boil stirring constantly, allow to simmer for 2-3 minutes and simply serve!
For a touch of class add Major Veal Jus to your dish to accentuate the meaty flavours and bring out the authentic aromas of your favourite recipes.
“The new range of Pan Asian Broths are exquisite and the flavour intensity is phenomenal. We wanted to get right to the heart of todays’ busy consumer and be a part of the emerging street food craze, which is exactly what we have done.” Comments David Bryant, Managing Director of Major International
Asian Cuisine is considered a major growth area in the coming 3-5 years in contrast to European foods that are fast approaching saturation point.  Street food was one of the biggest trends in 2013-14 due to an audience keen for new flavours and tastes and analysts predict this demand to increase. The reason?  It’s big on flavour, good value for money, extremely healthy for today’s lifestyle conscious consumers and above all it’s seen as extremely fashionable!  
Major’s Pan Asian Broths come in three flavours; beef, chicken and vegetable and are created in two simple steps; add your choice of flavour to boiling water and whisk… It really is that easy. You can then pour over noodles, vegetables and cooked protein and enjoy.  Alternatively, add the Pan Asian pastes direct to many dishes such as stir fry’s and sauces to give an extra depth of superb flavour or even brush onto all types of meat and fish to create an array of amazing dishes.
The liquid seasoning range includes flavours of Chargrill and Hickory & Applewood Smoke, which can be mixed into sandwich fillings, brushed onto protein, or added into sauces to create authentic flame roasted notes.  What better way to enhance your lunchtime specials than by mixing these seasonings into your existing mayonnaise, dips or dressings, the results are phenomenal!  In terms of flavour profile, the Chargrill tastes like its straight from the rotisserie and the Hickory and Applewood has an added flavour of succulent bacon cooking on an open fire.  Great for your summer barbecue, you really do have to try it to believe it! 
With simplicity and ease of use in mind, the seasonings are superb when used on meat, fish and vegetables to create a real smoky flavour.  Ideal when used on your lunchtime specials when added to a classic club or wrap to create a special fresh taste.
Both liquid seasonings are gluten free, approved by the Vegetarian Society and are Food For Life complaint.
“We’re very excited to launch Major into Ireland and 2015 will be an incredible year for us in terms of continued growth and innovation.”