Bigger, Better, Fruitier

A brief introduction to our NEW Fruit Base Compounds
Launched in January alongside our other new range, this set of intensely fruity Fruit Base Compounds are the perfect solution for pastry chefs who are looking to control costs and ensure consistency whilst turning out high quality desserts. Available in six varieties, cherry, clementine, lemon, mango, raspberry and strawberry, the entire range is gluten free, suitable for vegans and halal suitable, meaning they can be used in a wide range of applications with no reliance on seasonal availability.
One of the greatest benefits of this new range is their highly concentrated, natural flavours, which mean that 1kg of compound is equivalent to the delivered flavour of up to 15kg of fresh fruit but with no waste and no preparation required. Matt Owens, our new Business Development Manager and Development Chef says, “The new compounds hold their flavour and colour really well whether you’re baking them into meringues, mixing them into buttercream or marbling them through cakes, which makes them really unique and great to work with.”
Visit our recipe pages now for inspiration on how to use them or click here for your FREE samples.
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