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A brief introduction to our NEW Pan-Asian Base Pastes
Launched in January, our new Pan-Asian range features three exciting flavours, Keralan, Sri Lankan and Balinese that have been carefully developed to hold the perfect balance of spicing from each cuisine so that you can add consistent, authentic flavours to your dishes every time you use them. With added advantages, like them all being gluten free and two of the three (Keralan and Sri Lankan) also suitable for vegans, they are highly versatile and have a wide range of applications including curries, dhals, chow chows, samosas, bhajis, street food and much more.
Our Executive Development Chef, Fergus Martin, has spent a long time working with the pastes in the run up to the launch and finds them easy to use when developing recipes. “The Major NPD Team spent a long time ensuring that these bases have fresh, clean and authentic flavours and developing recipes on the back of this that really bring out their fantastic profiles has been easy. If consistency and versatility is what you’re looking for, I would highly recommend them.”
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