We give back more

Earlier this year we were delighted to announce that we have launched a brand new Chefs initiative, take a look to delve a little deeper.
Earlier this year we were delighted to announce that we have launched a brand new Chefs initiative.
After working very closely with the UK Chef Organisations for the last 20 years, we are proud to announce a fantastic new scheme, which will benefit each of them.  A number of years ago we created the Major Chefs Benevolent Fund along with three Associations and we would like to once again pick this up and run it as an annual scheme to be shared evenly between all of the UK Associations.  We currently sponsor the British Culinary Federation and The Craft Guild of Chefs Culinary teams and both teams have done exceptionally well over the last few years.
The Nationwide campaign, launched in January 2015 will benefit The British Culinary Federation, The Craft Guild of Chefs, The Welsh Culinary Association and The Federation of Chefs, Scotland.
As a way of giving something back to the industry, Major will make a donation for every pot of product sold throughout the year to each of the organisations in the form of a cheque.  Each Major pot will now carry a visible lid sticker, which has been designed around the four logos and they will all receive the same amount of money on the same day each year, the first Friday in December, which will be known as ‘Red Friday’.  The monies donated will be used for Chefs in need of help in times of hardship but each organisation can decide where and how the funds should be split.
At Major, we are aware how hard the UK Chefs Organisations work and I believe it’s time for us to help give something back to the industry.  We know this is not the total answer to the problems, but it’s a start in the right direction.