Major Efforts for MS Patients- The World’s first circumnavigation of Scotland’s Loch Ness in 24 hours

On the 2nd July this year a seven strong team, Major’s own Alan Colley, Donnie Maclean & Katie Sillars from Scottish supplier Eat Balanced Ltd, Neil and Kim MacLachlan, Helen and her husband John Forteith, are scheduled to take on Nessie herself by being the first (motley) crew to circumnavigate the famous Loch Ness by kayak in less than 24 hours. The challenge is on to raise vital money for the MS Therapy Centre in Oban.  Looking to generate a sum of £6000 in order to equip the Centre with an invaluable state-of-the-art piece of equipment, which will be a massive help to its patients, the team have got off to an excellent start but still need your support…
No small feat by any means, the scale of the challenge facing the team is huge. Containing more water than all the lakes in England and Wales combined, approximately 900m deep and 23 miles long, combined with (lest we forget) the inevitable curveball which will undoubtedly be thrown at them in the form of the great British weather, the race around the iconic Loch will be a formidable and lengthy one. Expected to take up to 16 hours in total, the team have already started their preparation and practice on the Loch. Luckily on the day itself, they will also have the support of the local coast guard and RNLI on hand, should they encounter any monster like creatures en-route.
So how do the team feel about their imminent adventure and why is it so important to help them raise the funds they need? Helen Forteith, Director of MS Therapy Center in Oban explained how she was “delighted to be partaking in this challenge along with my husband John Forteith” and spoke of how their own son had been diagnoses with the disease at the young age of 16. “This equipment will help MS patients build their arm and leg muscles regardless of how disabled they have become,” she explained.
Her husband John Forteith, who has previously been an active fundraiser for the centre, reiterated just how invaluable the equipment will be. John Forteith explained how the equipment would only not be used in the treatment at the centre but will have a more far-reaching use. “The piece of equipment will also be used by the local general hospital to treat severely physically affected patients suffering from a variant of conditions, not just MS,” he explained.
What about Major’s sales rep Alan Colley? Why was he so eager to sign up for the challenge? “I have known John and Helen for nearly twenty years. We first met when he was our contact for a food manufacturer”, he explained. “Over those years we have build up a good friendship and he has always been very supportive of the companies I have worked for. When John did his bike challenge in 2015, had I owned a bike I would have loved to have taken part. So when he asked for volunteers to kayak round Loch Ness, I jumped at the chance”. Though Alan Colley is still finding his sea legs. “It's been 30 years since I did any water sports, so getting back in a kayak was strange at first, but a thoroughly enjoyable experience. With only one more practice session to go, I have been trying to get some well-needed extra training in at the gym. Fun aside, if we are able to raise £6,000 it will be a job well done and will go a long way to helping the families in the Argyle & Bute and Western Isles of Scotland.” 
Happy to sponsor the event, Major are in the process of sorting the team out with some t-shirts and bibs and are hopeful that everyone else will get behind the cause and show their support.  David Bryant Managing Director of Major personally wanted to show his support. “On behalf of everyone at Major I would like to wish the team the very best of luck in achieving their goals, not only in terms of raising the funds for such a worthy cause but equally on a personal level and making it round the Loch! Remember to keep your eyes peeled for Nessie! ”
Having raised £3,000 to date and team are still looking to make that all important £6,000 target, so don’t hesitate and show your support today!
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