Major Stock Up on Pasties at the 2017 World Pasty Championships

It’s all hail to this quintessential of British pies as Major Stocks help Chefs to make it to the final cut .
In honour of the most cherished of Cornish bakes, the World Pasty Championships is an annual event held at the Eden Project, Cornwall. Welcoming amateurs and professional bakers alike, Cornish locals and international entrants, young and old, roll up their sleeves to conjure up their signature recipes and showcase what kind of ‘pasty’ they are made of. Running since 2012, thanks to the support of the Cornish Pasty Association, the event is very much about putting this heritage bake on the map. This cherished culinary tradition, the former tin miners lunch box staple, has been passed on and devoured from generation to generation and has even travelled the seas. As the Cornish emigrated over the centuries, so too did the humble pasty hop ship, reaching as far as the Americas and Australia. With an outstanding line-up of live music, comedy and hands-on demos, a vast array of archetypal PGI (protected geographical indication) standard recipes to more innovative varieties on show for the Judges to choose from on the day, the event really is a culinary championship of this delectable patrimony and celebration of all things Cornish.    
On hand to lend our support this year, Major were particularly pleased and impressed with the outcome of the Open Professional Savoury category. Storming ahead of the other entrants, were two colleagues Nick Brown, Development Manager, and Oscar Timmins, Assistant Development Manager and former patisserie chef, from W.C Rowe, a traditional Cornish Bakers since 1949, who came respectively second and first place. Not only was it Timmins’ Steak, Kidney & Smoked Bacon Lardon pasty that took top prize on the day but he also attributed much of his success to the added flavour of Major’s British Beef Stock.

“Whilst I initially thought it might be a risky decision to use offal, I was immediately drawn to the idea of this typical British pie filling for my pasty. By using 85% steak and boosting the flavour with Major’s British Beef Stock when I was trialling the recipe, it was Nick who got behind me and encouraged go with this on the day.  Major stocks really are top quality products. The best on the market in terms of their amazing flavours and unbeatable consistency. The beef stock certainly played its part in the successful outcome on the day” were the grateful words from Timmins.
"It was a fantastic result for us in this World Pasty Championships" agreed TImmins' mentor and manager, NIck Brown."It is always a good day when you get recognition from your peers for doing a great job. Oscar got a 1st with his Steak and Kidney pasty using Major British Beef stock and I used the same stock to achieve 2nd in the same category for my Cornish Steak Stout and mature Cheddar. Major British beef Stock really helps deliver a truly authentic beef hit. A really awesome stock" 

Thanks guys, we love you and Cornish pasties too!

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